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2 vacancies on the Board of Directors! here’s how to apply

Join the Board of Directors! Take this opportunity to be an active participant in your Co-op’s future and the future of our community!

There are two seats to fill in the Board of Directors, due to vacancies. One position is through December 2018, and the other, through December 2019.


Applications Due
March 12th, 2018, by 9pm

Board of Directors Meeting
March 15th, 2018, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Applicants are invited, and will have opportunity to speak to their interest and qualifications

After the meeting, applicants will be selected by consensus of the Board. The newly appointed Board members will receive an in-depth training on consensus decision making, finance, and an organizational overview.

For more information contact Laura and Fern at

The selection process is a bit different from the usual votes, as these are vacancies. Here is the section of our Bylaws that addresses our process:

From our Bylaws
III. 5. VACANCIES In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the remaining Board members may appoint a new Director. The appointed Director shall serve for the remainder of the term that was vacated. Any Board appointed Director is eligible to run for an elected term at the next election.

The Olympia Food Co-op Board of Directors is the elected body that represents the membership by establishing policies, overseeing the operating and capital budgets, approving plans and recommendations, and setting general guidelines for staff and working members. The Board holds ultimate legal responsibility for the operations and actions of the Co-op.

The Board meets once a month on the third Thursday of the month from 6:30-9:30p.m.

Each Board member is required to join 2-3 committees which also meet 1-2 times per month (though this will vary from committee to committee.)  Board committees establish plans and policies that are then passed on to the Board or membership for approval. The standing committees include Finance, Expansion, Co-Sound, Ecological Planning, Standing Hiring, Local Products, and Member Relations. Board members volunteer 10+ hours each month.

Board of Directors Application*Board of Directors Application