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October 31 – November 13, 2018

Mel O’Soup Mel Bilodeau, creator and owner of Mel O’Soup, has been a working member cashier for the Olympia Food Co-op for over 20 years. After some experimenting, she has developed some unique soup flavors. The soups are concentrated because she considers water to be an unnecessary filler, thus reducing the size of her product containers. She calls them “stew-soups” because they are thicker, and can be used not only as soup, but also as delicious sauces for a variety of dishes.

Mel approaches her soups with the heartfelt belief that “vegetables have a high healing quality—especially local and organic veggies.” So consider that as you reach for one of her jars—yes, Mason Jars. Her soups are not canned but are pasteurized and vacuum- sealed: an exceptionally sound process that gives them a long fridge life. In producing her soups, she goes out of her way to perform practices that help reduce trash in our environment. Her jars are also returnable to her booth at the Olympia Farmer’s Market (she’s working on doing this at the Co-op too.)

Mel O’Soup will be featured for lunch at the Co-op’s Annual Membership Meeting November 3rd at The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia NW, 11 am–3 pm.

Our Spoonful Local Savings Coupon this fortnight includes all of Mel’s amazing stew-soups:

Bodacious Coconut Curry
Mel describes this wonderful soup as “American curry” because it has all the vivid curry flavors sans the heat.

Luscious Sesame Potato
Mel developed this soup for those who have allergies to sulfurous vegetables, coconut or squash.

Diane’s Borscht
Created on the good advice of Mel’s friend Diane, this classic beet soup comes cumin and dill-flavored and includes other root veggies and dark greens.

Garlic and Greens
Mel’s most popular soup, this one creams up with coconut milk and yams and makes a great sauce for many dishes.